Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How do i bypass the starter solenoid on my 1997 ford taurus?

I have the one click problem. I believe ive narrowed it down to either the starter or the solenoid. i need to know which terminals to connect with a screwdriver. it looks like there are 2 bigger terminals that are the positive and negative and then a smaller one (i guess the solenoid terminal?)....Please help!! much appreciated!! thanx..How do i bypass the starter solenoid on my 1997 ford taurus?you energize it by connecting the bat side big one to the small one to get current to pass through it to the starter. you can't actually bypass it, just bypass the ignition switch by sorting out the solenoid.

before you start, make sure the battery is charged and the terminals are wire brush clean...that means take them off and clean the insides..#1 problem

You could bypass it momentarily by touching a jumper cable from one side to the other large terminals, but it will spark. That's the way they bench test starters...